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Why Buy Now?

The Perfect Time… The Perfect Community…

Palmetto Dunes l Shelter Cove l Leamington

  • Family Enjoyment and Usage…Priceless!
  • Invest in your family’s lifestyle, for now, forever
  • Enjoy the community and the “quality of life” while your investment works for you
  • Escape to tranquility on your Island paradise and leave your stress behind
  • Spectacular weather – Subtropical climate, four seasons and mild winters
  • Fabulous, convenient, mid-Island location in the new “epicenter of Hilton Head Island”

Solid Real Estate Investment:

  • The community offers an outstanding niche in the world-class oceanfront/golf/harbor destination resort market because of superior land planning and design and an overabundance of resort amenities – all on a subtropical Island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean
  • The affordability index and capital appreciation since 1976 has been outstanding, and at today’s current prices, offers buyers an outstanding opportunity for years to come
  • Over 2,670,000 (million) people a year visit Hilton Head Island, and many of them fall in love with our community, our lifestyle and decide to become property owners


  • Hilton Head Island is within a 15-hour drive-to radius for 105,000,000 (million) people and is attractive to international visitors
  • Direct flights now flying in and out of Hilton Head Island Airport.
  • WW II and baby boomer generations, the wealthiest in our country’s history, will bequeath trillions of dollars over the first half of this century to children, friends and charity…many of whom will buy resort real estate
  • More than 75,000,000 (million) baby boomers are reaching retirement age, are living longer, are more mobile and are looking for the “good life”
  • Hilton Head Island is a controlled real estate market because of density restrictions of the Land Management Ordinance (LMO) and is virtually built out of developer inventory. The vast majority of future inventory can only be generated from existing owners deciding to sell causing upward pressure on prices as demand will always outstrip supply
  • No developer inventory is currently on the market. This is a huge competitive advantage over other communities that have years of standing developer product or future development product planned that cannot be brought to the market plus resales to sell
  • We are a resale community. If there is any new future development, it will only be in a planned unit development that was grandfathered in the original Land Management Ordinance (LMO) which only allows four units per acre
  • If you compare oceanfront / ocean-oriented prices to other high-end resort communities on the east coast, Hilton Head Island is moderately priced and represents exceptional value
  • Outstanding financing: Lenders offer low down payments with attractive interest rates giving buyers more buying power
  • Where applicable, outstanding tax write-offs help decrease real costs
  • Condominiums and homes can be income producing to help decrease costs
  • Owning real estate establishes a forced savings program
  • The fundamentals that make our community unique in the resort industry have not changed. Why wait until the market rebounds and pay more?
  • Hilton Head Island represents a wonderful opportunity for families to have quality time and relaxing moments together and yet have an outstanding real estate investment that will enhance their investment portfolio
  • Hilton Head Island real estate has become the most valued investment for many families, excluding their primary residence
  • You cannot put a dollar value on family enjoyment. The time to begin creating family memories at the beach is now

Why Hilton Head Island?

Experience Hilton Head Island Today! The Town of Hilton Head Island along with private communities, property owners associations and resort operators continue to work diligently and expeditiously on updates, enhancements, and capital improvements that will help us remain competitive among other high-end, oceanfront resort communities, offer a great “quality of life,” increase family enjoyment and add to the beauty of Hilton Head Island. The completion of Shelter Cove Towne Centre, The Plaza at Shelter Cove, and Shelter Cove Harbour will have a huge positive impact on all real estate values.

  • Superior Land Planning – Considered by notable land planners to be the best land-planned residential oceanfront community in the country with extremely low density
  • Environmentally Sensitive – Hilton Head Island blends superior architecture with its natural beauty and wildlife thus preserving the natural feel of the environment
  • Climate: semi-tropical with four seasons and mild winters
  • Overabundance of Water – Ocean, deep water, Inter-coastal Waterway, lagoons, lakes, and marshes
  • Beach – 13 miles of white, sandy beaches
  • Boating – There are nine marinas on Hilton Head Island, all of which have access to the Inter-coastal Waterway
  • Golf – World renowned for its 23 golf courses
  • Tennis – In excess of 300 tennis courts
  • Biking – The Town of Hilton Head Island has more than 60 miles of leisure paths and has been awarded the coveted Bicycle Friendly Community Award at the gold level from the League of American Bicyclists. The Island also boasts more than 50 miles of private pathways and shared roadways within private developments
  • Pickleball, Boating, Fishing, Crabbing, Kayaking, Ziplining, Ecotourism, Historic Sites, 21 Parks and Recreation Facilities located throughout Hilton Head Island
  • Shopping – diverse and extensive
  • Dining – In excess of 250 eateries, some of the finest
  • The Arts – The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is a world-class facility located in the center of Hilton Head Island at Shelter Cove and offers residents and visitors uniquely different art and entertainment venue. Also is the Hilton Head Symphony, Coastal Discovery Museum, Children’s Sandbox Interactive Museum, Gullah Museum and Mitchelville Freedman’s Village.

Preserving Our Island:

The Town of Hilton Head Island’s land acquisition program began in earnest in 1991 and was modeled from a program created in Nantucket, MA. The Town’s goal was was to manage and control growth on the Island. Rather than take the land, the council sought to purchase land at fair market value. The land acquisition became a smart growth tool. The program has enhanced property values; reduced potential development, particularly along with US 278; reduced potential traffic; kept the Island green; preserved historic sites; and created opportunities for park and recreation development. As a result of the Town’s long-standing land acquisition program, the Town has:

  • Purchased 145 parcels of land, totaling 1,308 acres for $171.8 million;
  • Precluded 4.57 million square feet of commercial development;
  • Precluded 1,365 motel rooms;
  • Precluded 4,637 residential and timeshare units
  • Precluded 43,228 PM peak-hour driving trips
  • Beach Nourishment Program:

  • Past Chairman, Beach Nourishment Committee for the Hilton Head Island Board of Realtors
  • Self-funded through the “Beach Preservation Fee” (2% from all lodging 90 days or less). Hilton Head Island is one of only a few towns in the country that funds its own beach nourishment
  • Town of Hilton Head has completed 4 nourishment projects with a total investment of $37,000,000 (million). Just completed in early 2017 at a cost of approximately $20,000,000.
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