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Interested in a Property on Hilton Head Island? Text Phil today to Chat 843.384.3843 .

Interested in a property? If you are contacting us from a distance, we can walk you through a property with a video tour. We are still in the real estate business, even if circumstances force us to work a little differently. Part of that means meeting clients over the telephone or in a video chat. Part of that means keeping you informed on what the market is doing on a local and national level. Reading the tea leaves of our current pandemic, we can see good news for the Hilton Head Island real estate market. It’s a certainty I share with many other business leaders that when are doors are fully open for business, those who lost their money in the stock market will be hesitant to put their money immediately back into stocks. Instead, they should do as they have historically done, and invest in real estate.

As people adjust to the coronavirus, they are going to be looking for a change, and are going to be looking for a place with a different quality of life, fabulous amenities, and year-round beautiful weather. Sooner or later, they’re going to realize that the place they’ve been looking for is our special Hilton Head Island.

We’re not just referring to the retirement community either. One of the big takeaways of this pandemic for the American worker is that their job can be done virtually, through telephone calls, email and video conferencing meetings. So why not live where they love while working remotely? If they ever need an in-person meeting, we have two airports at our fingertips…Hilton Head Island and the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airports. Research from Stanford Research from Stanford Graduate School of Business Profession Nicholas Bloom in his Future Workforce Report predicts “that by 2028, 73 percent of all teams will have remote workers. If anything, this pandemic moved up that timetable. And make no mistake, those remote workers are coming to Hilton Head Island. This trend is here to stay, and we certainly have a wide variety of options to offer this segment of the population. Crossing the bridge to Hilton Head Island and investing in Palmetto Dunes, Shelter Cove and Leamington or other areas of the Island just became easier. Now, more than ever, after this recovery, will we see a segment moving to our shores. We are here to help!! Call Phil Schembra at Schembra Real Estate Group at 800.845.9506.

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