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Community Enhancements


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Palmetto Dunes l Shelter Cove l Leamington Community Enhancements


The Community Enhancement Fees have been established to help give us the necessary funds to maintain, improve and enhance the infrastructure of Palmetto Dunes and Leamington and to continually beautify our award-winning community. The Community Enhancement Fee goes towards special projects such as, but not limited to, upgrading railings, lighting, landscaping, signage, beach access paths and guardhouses. The Community Enhancement Fee is collected and paid (by the purchaser) at time of all real estate closings. The amount of the fee currently established by the Boards are one-quarter ¼ of one percent (1%) of the selling price of the property for Palmetto Dunes and one-half ½ of one percent (1%) of the selling price of the property for Leamington.

This has been a busy year as you will see below in the list of some of the improvements that were completed through Community Enhancement Fees and our Annual POA Fees. These not only will these capital improvements improve the quality of life, but will also increase property values.


  • Dinghy/Eastwind Beach Access pathway and dunes crossover completed
  • Eastwind/Floatilla Beach Access pathway and dunes crossover approved for 2013
  • Catboat/Dinghy Beach Access pathway and dunes crossover approved for 2013
  • Landscape Revitaliztion Plan and separated leisure pathway for Queens Folly Road in the conceptual phase
  • Two additional security cameras installed in the Queens Folly Corridor
  • Installation of separated leisure path on the outbound Queens Folly Bridge
  • Construction of a front entrance Security Gate House approved for 2013
  • Newly redesigned entry circle on Queens Folly Road between gate houses adding one traffic lane and a bike path
  • New signage and lighting on Queens Folly Road
  • Road striping on Queens Folly Road Inbound and Outbound
  • Queens Folly Circle and median landscaping
  • New flag poles in Queens Folly Circle
  • Tree pruning at the North and South gate and along Queens Folly Road
  • Hazard tree removals along Queens Folly Road
  • Dune grass restoration plantings
  • Patching of roadways throughout the community
  • New curbing and leisure path in front of the General Store/Tennis Courts
  • Drainage study and repairs throughout the community, T-street drainage/curbing on Armada
  • Ongoing Replacement of wing walls and bulkheads under the bridges
  • Carnoustie Bridge upgraded with new wing walls and painting and repaired railings and electrical
  • Construction of a new pedestrian bridge adjacent to Carnoustie and the PD Club
  • South Gate was completely replaced
  • Installation of street signs on all bridges for boater/kayakers in the lagoon
  • Surveillance camera installed on Queens Folly
  • Improvements to beach pathway and dune crossover at Floatilla/Galleon and Man O War/Night Harbour


  • New pavers at the 278 entrance gate
  • New chop gates at the 278 entrance gate during hours the security guard is on duty to relieve stress on the iron gates
  • Security cameras at the two entrance gates
  • Interior of both guard houses have been renovated
  • Lagoon has been aerated
  • New street lights and poles erected at the villas
  • Landscaping has been upgraded at the cul de sacs
  • Roads repaved
  • Dog Park improved at the Leamington Light House
  • November 2015 – May 2016 Construction of the new Beach House for owners and their guests will begin. The Beach House will be moved closer to the ocean, raised to improve ocean views and covered to accommodate more residents under cover for events. Features include: 1. Wire railings for better view 2. Open kitchen with counter and sink 3. Locked kitchen for owners’ private events 4. Sundeck with rocking chairs 5. Gas fireplace – planned 6. Restrooms – upstairs and downstairs 7. Owner’s lockers


  • Completed new landscaping around the Shelter Cove Harbour area


  • All-new shopping and dining experience anchored by Kroger’s and Belk’s
  • List of stores: Resort Telephone Directory on this site
  • Outdoor cafes and restaurants
  • 250,000 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 220 long-term apartments overlooking Broad Creek
  • Shelter Cove Community Park on Broad Creek
  • Improving open / green space with spectacular views to Broad Creek
  • Improved leisure pathways

The gorgeous views of Broad Creek will become a focal point for our neighborhood! The redevelopment of The Mall will enhance our quality of life and should have a positive impact on increasing values in our community.

See Resort Telephone Directory on for list of shopping, dining, activities in Palmetto Dunes, Shelter Cove and Leamington.

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